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Thumbnail Sketch 1

Part 1, Chapter 1 : Thumbnail Sketches

Thumbnail Sketches Thumbnail sketches are the compositional workhorses of the drawing world. The composition is the overall layout of a work of art. So a thumbnail sketch is like a blueprint to figure out where...
Portrait in Chalk

Part 1: So Tell Me About Drawing

Unfortunately, somewhere along the path from childhood to adulthood, most people stop drawing. They begin to believe that they aren’t good enough, and drawing is left to ‘artists.’ But everyone is an artist, and everyone can find expression through mark-making.
Gesture Drawing One

Gesture Drawing Book – Introduction

The main goal of this book is to introduce you to a type of drawing which doesn’t get a lot of appreciation in the art world. Gesture drawing is raw and refreshing; at its best, it captures a moment, a singular expression or emotion.
Computer Key

Learning new things, or “Hey, I never had to leave Kansas after all!”

Why reinvent the wheel? When people have already invented it, created it in a variety of colors and designs, and are giving it to you for free. With support on how to use it.
Hands invade DC

Photoshop, photoshop, how I love thee!

The job I yearn for, of building dreams, and nightmares, and paradoxes, and all that doesn't exist but is just a fingertip away.  Oh,...


Empty Bottle

Sorry for a persistent lack of articulateness of late

A good Sunday evening to anyone who reads this! I'm feeling bad about not writing anything of late. So this post is directed to...



Education today

So, if I were to write everything in my head about education today, it would 1) be a jumbled mess; and 2) be longer...
Brick Wall

My brain hurts. That is all.

Sigh. I love learning new things. Like, love it. I'll ask virtually anybody what they're doing, and how, and can I try, pretty please?...

Math and cooking

Ok, so the massive bag of ravioli I get at Costco specifically says in the cooking instructions, "Do not cook more than 1/3 of...
Studying Dog

Online … FREE … classes …

So apparently there are lots of ... or anyway, some ... sites online which give you a free online education.  Some colleges have decided...

Social Work


Tybee Diner Light

Redefining the concept of ‘Need’, or Baby Blue bathrooms are kinda...

Dear everyone who has ever been on House Hunters on HGTV, The kitchen in the house you're looking at does not actually have to be completely...


Blurry Ship Image

From Yes Man, the movie …

So one of my favorite characters ever is Allison from Yes Man, played by Zooey Deshanel.  She sings in a band with like 4 devoted followers, and she leads a group that takes photographs...


Managing Your Doctor

Take charge of your own health, or “Explain it to me one more time,...

And he wrote a book (a wonderful read - fun, irreverent at times, and full of so much good information), called Managing Your Doctor, dedicated to helping people take charge of their own healthcare, which is so important in this day and age.

My visit to a Sikh temple, or “You are always welcome!”

So on occasion I accompany my husband on business trips to Long Island, and near the hotel we stay in is a somewhat dilapidated little house which has a sign declaring it to be...
Self Portrait

Love, trust, vulnerability, and caring what others think. Or, Sally Field is a...

I have a confession to make. I care what people think.  I’m embarrassed to admit this, as I adore the thought of blithely travelling through life, doing my own thing, loving and not caring...