Ok, so I decided to put my “# of views” stat on my page, among the widgets, for all to see.  Currently, I believe it’s at 17.

I’m finding there’s something of an odd responsibility/pressure associated with having even one follower … like, if I post one more rambly thing today because it pops into my head and I think in some delusion “Hey, that’d be a good thing to share with other people!”, will my devoted 6 followers (well, technically, I think it’s 5, because I think I’m following myself as well) say “oh, goodness, not her again today!  That’s it, fascinating and witty as she might be, I’m finding someone less prolific!”  Then drop me like a smelly, rotten, potato.

(Non-sequitur … we played a game of ‘hot potato’ at my daughter’s birthday party a few years ago, and we realized partly through the game that the potato we were using was rotten, and lemme tell you, a rotten potato does not smell good.  And so the moral of this story is, check the potato at your daughter’s birthday party BEFORE you play hot potato with it, or everyone’s hands will smell bad for the rest of the day.  That makes the cake less appealing.)

Even my husband looked at my first few posts and was like “uh, no, those are too long.” … lol … feel the love!

Good Sunday morning, everyone!