So, that awkward conversational situation when you see someone you kinda know, have hung out with, but you’re not close, and haven’t talked in a while.  You run into each other in a relaxed social setting, and clearly some communication is expected, but you don’t really know what to say.

If you both say “hi, how are you?”  “I’m well, how about you?” … “Oh, I’m good” … pause … “Well, uh, I have to go.  Talk to you soon (though you probably won’t)…” well, it’s an awkward, meaningless conversation.

If you get into anything of substance, “I left my job, I’m doing xyz now” it’s like too much for standing around discussing over finger foods.  And you feel like “Hmmm, maybe I shared too much?  Nobody else does that …. I need to talk less” … (ok, anyway, I feel like that …).

So what do you all do?  Do you go into too much detail and feel a bit foolish about it, do you stand there like an idiot with nothing to share, are you content with vague generalities in a way I could never imagine, or do you have some secret I have yet to parse out …?  I would really love to know …