Sooo, you can see that i managed to update the banner image in the header … and to figure out a few other things … and I feel a bit silly for not having realized how to do that before.  I am going to blame my previous disfunctionality on:

1. Remember, my brain was pure jello.  I don’t think I could have made toast.

2. I’m new here.  To any site like this.  Chalk it up to a learning curve.

3. There’s a ‘how do you want to change your site’ menu on WP which is very limited, and then there’s a magical much-bigger ‘how do you want to change your site’ world of options which is much less so … when I saw the first, since my site is the absolutely-free one, I thought “well, it’s free, what can I expect?” … and didn’t think to see if there was a whole universe of possibilities embedded in ‘free’.  Apparently you can get something for nothing.  Oh, except I think there are ads.  So maybe not.  But close!