I want to welcome my … currently 2! … followers! WELCOME!  I expected exactly 0 followers, so while 2 might seem like a small number to many, to me it is infinitely higher than my wildest dreams.

See, I started this blog not because I’m a stellar writer (um, ok, you got that part already I assume?), but because yesterday when jQuery was making my head explode, I decided to do something else for a bit.  In addition to watching Jon Stewart, that is.  So I browsed the web, because that’s what the collective ‘we’ do to kill time, right?

But to still attempt to call myself ‘productive’, I browsed things like “how to become a freelance web designer” and I came across the blog of a cool-seeming dude who travels the world and designs web pages, and he said ‘get a site and try out all sorts of things on it to practice’ so I said “ok, cool dude, I will do that!”  And he said “And use WordPress I use it for everything!” and I said “Sure, no problem, I’ll do that too!”

(Remember, at this point my brain was jello and I was susceptible to all suggestions; cult leaders would have been well-advised to come to my door yesterday afternoon.  Whew, dodged that bullet!)  So I went to WordPress and started this blog.

Because you are curious, I did not figure out how to have information submitted to a form emailed to me, nor did I figure out how to hook a list of products to a CMS, nor even did I figure out how to change the banner image on my page here to something other than this cool castle which you see, but I did learn that I like to type my disjointed thoughts and send them to the universe.

Never did I dream that my thoughts, floating around in world-space would encounter any readers … now I feel compelled to talk about narcissism, and communication, and just how many people there are out there anyway … but all of this is really just a study break so I must get back to my real work.  I yearn for the day when writers-of-adequate-quality can randomly muse on unrelated topics in a meandering and incoherent way and get paid to do it.  But that is probably not going to happen this week, so off to learn I am!  Events and functions and objects oh my!