Ok, we are a strange, strange country.  I saw in Walmart earlier today a series of stuffed-animals with flashlights embedded in their stomachs. They sold for $19.99. Ok, I’m not a mathematician, but you can buy a stuffed animal from the dollar store for a dollar, a really good flashlight for $3, and a hot-glue gun with hot glue for $2.

Then you have the stuffed animal with internal light source, which, let’s be honest, your kid will play with for 18 minutes, plus a good additional half hour of bonding time building the stuffed animal with internal lighting system together.  And you will have saved $14. (I’m assuming you already had scissors.)

Next to these stuffed oddities were $20 internally-lighted pillows … because nothing helps a person sleep like blinking lights an inch from his or her face.  If someone was able to retire because they came up with the idea of a bear with an LED-powered bellybutton, I’m in the wrong line of work …