So I was reading a link to someone’s “let me tell you for just $9.95 how to make a living off blogging” site (I was just reading the link, not the $9.95 site), and I thought, hm, I like the idea of that.  Pontificating all day, posting my photos, taking photos to post, and making a living doing it.  Coolness.  But, I never trust people who say “spend money and I’ll tell you how to make money.”  Maybe I should … I do buy books to teach me other things, after all.  But I usually suspect they’re ‘making a living off blogging’ by selling books about how to make a living off blogging, and that doesn’t seem quite my thing.  I’d much rather write about all the inane, irrelevant things that pop into my head.  Besides, clearly, that niche is filled.

But I got to thinking, hm. How to make a living off blogging? And it hit me … I’ll do that ‘trade-up’ thing that people use to go from having a piece of chewed gum they found under a table to a small island in the South Pacific without ever spending a dime.  So I’m like, cool, I have like 27 followers now (or, um, 26, I keep forgetting to subtract myself.  Sigh.).  A penny from each follower, generously donated due to my brightening of your day (you brighten my day too, my followers, but if I gave you all a penny my plan wouldn’t work).

So then the fun part begins. I trade my 26 pennies for, I don’t know, a pound of tomatoes, which I trade for a case of diet Mountain Dew, which I drink. Hm. Let’s make that Dr. Pepper, which I don’t drink, and trade for … well, you get the idea.  So eventually I trade “latest acquisition” for “small house that for some reason someone’s willing to trade away”, and now I have a house, so that’s kind of like making a living, and I can live anywhere, because I’m blogging, and somehow the idea seemed a lot more doable last night at midnight as I tried to fall asleep but couldn’t because I can’t fall asleep when my husband’s away on business trips.

I think ideas that are good at midnight in the dark in bed should be good at 6:32 on a rainy morning.  I think I’ll reread this before I post it.  Maybe I should go back to bed.

(Side note: I always go back and edit my posts right after writing them, because when I write them I don’t have accesss to the category label, I only have it in edit mode.  And after I choose categories, I usually click “select all” from their suggestions because, well, why not, right?  And this time, one of the suggested categories was Publix.  Isn’t that a grocery store?  Why is that on my suggested category list?  I mean, now it has a reason to be a category, since I just mentioned it, so the temporal paradox is resolved … did the site know I’d see it, and then write about it?  Very clever, wordpress, very clever.  Do you think anyone searches for all blogs categorized under “Publix”? Anyone other than, like, the person who owns Publix?)